LUCI People : Charles Nacoulma


Director of Energy and Electrical Equipment in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)


  • Your main responsibilities and tasks at work are: planning, implementation and follow-up of public and traffic lighting maintenance and new installations in the city. I also represent the city when dealing with
    partners linked to energy and promote the use of clean energy in the city. In addition, I programme the implementation of energy consumption-optimising tools in relevant public administration buildings.
  • The best part of your job is : following the technological and technical evolutions in the field of lighting.
  • The lighting department in Ouagadougou is : composed of 14 staff members and is under the authority of the Energy and Electrical Equipment Department of Ouagadougou.
  • The key ingredients of a successful urban lighting project are : proper analysis of needs, including an initial study of the environment and context of the project, and an assessment of the economic advantages of a particular solution. This should be followed by proper planning including the choice of material, selection of contractor, and planning of the work schedule. And finally, proper implementation and follow-up of the work is essential.
  • In an ideal world, the most appropriate lighting solution for Ouagadougou would be : solar LED lamps.


Place of Birth
Tanghin-Dassouri, Burkina Faso
Educational background:
Electrical Engineer, Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Master’s degree in Quality, Hygiene, Security and Environment.
Previous jobs:
Head of Public and Traffic Lighting in the City of Ouagadougou
Time at current post:
6 years
  • A new technology or tool that has changed the way Ouagadougou is lit is : LED technology because LED lamps use much less energy than other lighting technologies and have an economic lifetime that is 3 to 5 times longer.
  • Biggest professional challenge faced so far : the implementation of a solar LED light pilot project in two streets of Ouagadougou. The realisation of this project will lead to savings of around 35 000 € in the lighting network electricity bill.


  • Best professional experience so far : the introduction of LED and renewable energy solutions in the public lighting network of Ouagadougou.
  • An international lighting project that has impressed you is : the intelligent lighting projects realised by the City of Lyon.
  • A city that inspires you for its overall lighting is : Lyon, with its intelligent lighting as well as the architectural lighting that enhances its buildings.
  • Your professional goals for the year ahead : illuminating the city and promoting the use of solar LED lamps in the public lighting network.
  • Besides light, you are passionate about : travelling and meeting people.
  • Finish the sentence : Light in the city is … simply magnificent!




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