LUCI at the AFE conference – Journées Nationales de la Lumière


The 40th edition of “Journées Nationales de la Lumière”, the annual conference of the French Lighting Association (AFE), will be taking place in Lyon from 11 – 13 September 2016.

Through its numerous expert committees (health, scientific, technical…), the AFE’s areas of knowledge range from the effects of light on human beings and their health to new  lighting technologies.

JNL2016 logo

The JNL event will bring together professionals from the public and private sector as well as research institutes and universities to discuss light in all its facets. It will feature technical and scientific presentations on French and international projects and initiatives.  LUCI will be making a presentation during the event at 4 pm on 13 September.

See the programme here


Dates: 11 – 13 September 2016
Venue: Cité-Internationale de Congrès
More information atwww.jnl-afe.fr



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