Light chain prototype in Eindhoven

A new innovative street lighting installation was introduced for Eindhoven’s Victoriapark during the Dutch Design Week 2020. 

The specially developed 500-metre-long chain of light module serves as aesthetic signage during the day and as a guide at night.

THe installation will hang above the Victoria Park in Eindhoven like a lantern garland of light. The light modules will be charged by the sun, and in this way meet the municipality’s goal of making Victoria Park – which must be completed in 2023 – energy-neutral. 

In addition, the smart modules are equipped with a light sensor and, like tightrope walkers, can move along the light line with the position of the sun in search of the sunniest spot. This will provide as much energy as possible to illuminate the night.

Even at night, the light module can move along and interact with the people walking in the park by changing the light intensity and colour. The bottom of the ring of the lighting module lights up like a halo when people walk in the park.

This street lighting installation, named “Sunseeker” was developed by Vantot and introduced at the Dutch Design Week 2020 in Eindhoven. 

More information at: https://ddw.nl/en/magazine-archive/581/sunseeker-street-lighting-reinvented

Image ©Studio Roel Deden

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