Factsheets on sustainable and smart urban lighting

The project “Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia” has just published a set of factsheets on sustainable lighting solutions.

The factsheets summarise 15 key economic, social acceptance and technological issues that municipal lighting experts and decision makers should consider.

Question covered in the economy factsheets include how to link economic development and smart urban lighting or how to apply a life-cycle approach to smart urban lighting investments.

Light pollution, vandalism and private sector cooperation are among the topics of the social acceptance factsheets.

The technology factsheets, in turn, provide guidance on what to consider when designing a lighting control system, how to improve the reliability of lighting systems or why we need verification measurements.

Project experts partners Posintra Ltd., Tallinn University of Technology and Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Borough of Altona have lead and coordinated the development of the factsheet series.


Browse the 15 LUCIA factsheets on sustainable and smart urban lighting solutions

You can also download all 15 factsheets in one PDF file.



Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia

The “Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia” project helps municipalities in the Baltic Sea region to unlock the enormous potential of energy efficient urban lighting solutions.

It aims to provide decision makers and experts with state-of-the-art lighting knowledge, covering aspects of environment, technology, economy, social acceptance, urban planning and green public procurement.








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