LUCI Cities & Lighting Magazine n°10! 📰

In this 10th edition of the LUCI Cities & Lighting Magazine, we focus on one of the essential layers of our cities: green spaces and urban parks. How to illuminate these spaces is starting to become a major concern for urban policy makers that must respond to different and conflicting needs.

As cities and the way they implement urban lighting changes, according to the new context including the energy crisis, the objectives of the LUCI Cities & Lighting Magazine remain to inform, inspire and help the exchange of knowledge on how to improve our urban lighting policies.

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This edition also features:

👉 Many different perspectives on new lighting masterplans including the views of the cities of Leipzig and Geneva

👉 How cities are tackling the energy crisis, featuring examples from the cities of Budapest, Vilnius, Paris, Gothenburg, and few others

👉 A perspective of public lighting and its challenges in Australia

👉 Introductions to the winning projects of the LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards

👉 A look at several LUCI’s ongoing projects such as European projects LAiPS and ENLIGHTENme

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