Creative Europe project led by LUCI is looking for an external evaluator (call for tenders)

Light & Art in Public Spaces (LAiPS) is a new EU project that aims to strengthen city capacities on permanent light art installations in public spaces. It will do this by fostering transnational cooperation among cities, exchanging best practices, and making use of innovative digital tools. Led by LUCI, this 3-year project funded by the Creative Europe programme includes the cities of LyonOulu and Turin. The project is now looking for an external evaluator.

To secure quality assurance and strengthen the project’s potential to develop sustainable light and art practices, LUCI is looking for an external evaluator to contribute to the project’s evaluation with additional insights and independent assessments. The external evaluation should be carried out by a third-party that is not directly involved in the project’s implementation.

The external evaluation of the project includes:

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• Monitoring the project progress throughout the project’s duration (ending in December 2023);

• Assessing the coherence between the project’s objectives and the outcomes;

• Assessing the effectiveness of internal collaboration processes to achieve intended project outcomes;

• Identifying management weaknesses, if any, and proposing solutions;

The external evaluator will bring more objectivity and provide a fresh perspective on the management and progress of the project and the implementation of its activities. S/he will carry out the evaluation of the project to produce and deliver two reports by the end of the project.

More about the project

The LAiPS partners will work within the Light & Art Lab, a platform to visit each other’s installations and exchange about light and art practices and strengthen operational capacities of local creative operators, including city officials, technical staff and artists.

Participants will also develop a new tool to digitize this unique kind of cultural content, raise awareness about its existence and to make it more accessible to a wider audience. This will be done through the creation of a Light & Art (M)app.

Finally, the project’s dissemination will take place throughout the project. A final conference will bring together partners with a wider audience in Europe to raise the awareness on this type of art in public spaces and to launch the tools created by the project.

LUCI will manage the project and work on goals to be sustainable, have long term impacts and will actively involve a large part of its network of 70 cities and 40 professional organisations all over the world.

More info can be found in the enclosed file:

If you have any questions about the brief in order to put together a proposal, please send questions to luci[at]luciassociation[dot]org.

Please send your detailed proposal to this call for tender to luci[at]luciassociation[dot]org no later than 15 September 2021.

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