The LUCI team

The LUCI Head Office consists of a team of four persons based in Lyon working day to day  to ensure the success of the network’s activities.

Burton Page-Harold Galerie lowres



General Director
mark.burtonpage [at] luciassociation [dot] org


Jessica FEREY

Programme Manager
jessica.ferey [at] luciassociation [dot] org



Shailaja BAICHOO

Programme Manager
shailaja.baichoo [at] luciassociation [dot] org



LUCI Regional Office for Asia (LROA)

The LUCI Regional Office for Asia (LROA) supports the balanced regional development of the network and reflects the lighting culture and identity of Asian cities in the global conversation on urban lighting. It is a representative office of LUCI Association in Asia which promotes and delivers activities on behalf of LUCI.

LROA is managed by a Technical Coordinator, employed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.