About LUCI


What is LUCI?

LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) is a unique international network bringing together cities and lighting professionals engaged in using light as a major tool for sustainable urban development.

Created in 2002, at the behest of the City of Lyon, today LUCI is an organisation of over 100 members, comprising around 70 cities covering four continents and over 40 associated members (international companies, lighting designers and architects, universities, independent lighting professionals…)



 Our Objectives

Cities across the world are confronted with the emergence of new urban forms, the evolution of urban
lifestyles and an acute energy crisis.

LUCI aims to help cities find appropriate answers to these major challenges by making use of light as a tool
for urban development through lighting plans, projects and innovations. With this in mind, three main
objectives lead the work of the LUCI network:

  • Exchange – Facilitate exchange of information by organising international conferences, field visits and
    other events.
  • Promote – highlight best practices from cities and award prizes for exemplary projects.
  • Progress – participate in a prospective vision of urban lighting (research and project assistance).



The LUCI Executive Committee

The network is led by an Executive Committee made up of 9 voting members (cities)
and 3 associated non-voting members.

Voting members:
Eindhoven (Netherlands) – President
Seoul (South Korea) – Vice President
Lyon (France) – 2nd Vice President
Jyvaskyla (Finland) – Treasurer
Albertslund (Denmark)
Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Gothenburg (Sweden)
Ghent (Belgium)
Glasgow (UK)

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Non-voting members:

Permanent Member:
Jean-Michel DACLIN, Honorary President of LUCI