Open Conference Sessions

Submission form

LUCI city members are invited to complete the form below to suggest an Open Conference Session for the LUCI AGM Tartu 2021.

The Open Conference Sessions (OCS) are your chance to put your city in the spotlight!

The OCS presentations will be prerecorded, so whether attending onsite or online, you can now take the floor at the AGM.

As speaker in the Open Conference Sessions you can:

  • Showcase your city’s lighting projects or initiatives
  • Propose a topic of your choice and open new discussion lines in LUCI
  • Exchange and get feedback from your peers in LUCI and beyond

All OCS presentations will be available in the LUCI Hub after the AGM.

Request an OCS presentation slot before 17 September, first come first served!

Following the selection process, you will be contacted by the LUCI team to submit further details and documents, such as a title and description of your presentation, along with a bio and images that will be included in the official event programme. We will also schedule a slot to pre-record your presentation prior to the event.