Practical information

Traveling to Estonia

We truly hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us for the in-person AGM experience!

We encourage you to check about any travel restrictions for traveling into Tartu via the information provided by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Be sure to also check with your own national rules and regulations about any additional recommendations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For citizens and residents of the European Union and other countries (see official lists), entry into Estonia is allowed for those who:

  • have previously been infected with the COVID-19 disease and no more than 180 days have passed since the positive result of the test or the date the diagnosis was confirmed by a doctor;
  • have completed a course of vaccination against COVID-19 and no more than one year has passed from the date of its completion; The vaccination course is considered completed when the time of full immunity is reached. 

Please read through all official information to ensure valid instructions for your particular country of citizenship/residency.

Getting to Tartu

By plane

In order to get to Tartu, you can fly to Tallinn or Riga’s airports:

  • Tallinn’s International Airport is located just outside the city centre, on the way to Tartu. It is comfortable to rent a car, take a bus or Airport Shuffle service.
  • Rīga’s International Airport is connected with Tartu through Lux Express buses.

By bus 🚌

The trip from Tallinn to Tartu takes around 2.5 hours, with buses leaving Tallinn every half an hour or so from 5:40 to 23:59. On the hour, every hour from 7:00 to 20:00 comfortable Lux Express buses depart on the Tartu-Tallinn-Tartu route. You can use power outlets, free WiFi, listen to music or watch movies and enjoy free hot drinks such as tea, coffee and cocoa. All Lux Express buses stop at Tallinn Airport in both directions. Find tickets and times at and

There are also international bus connections with Rīga in Latvia and St. Petersburg, Moscow and Pechory in Russia.

More information: and other carriers or

By train 🚆

Eight times a day you can take a train between Tallinn and Tartu. Fast, comfortable diesel trains take you to your destination in two hours. All trains offer free WiFi. The line to Valga also provides opportunities for connections to Rīga. For more information and schedules see and Another international route is Tallinn-St Petersburg-Moscow, operated by AS GoRail.

By car 🚗

For those behind the wheel, Tartu is only ever a pleasant drive away – the 186 km between Tallinn and Tartu takes just two hours, while the Latvian capital, Rīga, is 260 km or three-and-a-half hours to the south-west. Driving here also means you can stop and admire some of Estonia’s prettiest and most interesting sights along the way! (For ideas, see Those travelling between Rīga, Tartu and St Petersburg can plan their trip through Estonia using the Via Hanseatica travel planner ( Visitors who want to explore Tartu and Tartu County first-hand can hire a car or bike – information about both options is available from the Tartu Visitor Centre (

Public transportation in Tartu

The City of Tartu is using a contactless plastic chip card or a sticker, which must be swiped at the validator upon entering the bus. Bus cards and stickers can be purchased at R-Kiosk, shopping centres, and other stores. Cards cost €2. You can load money onto your card and buy tickets at sales points, online at and via mobile phone.

Further information about tickets, bus lines as well as taxis in Tartu can be found here:

Once in Tartu: Onsite COVID measures

LUCI and the City of Tartu are committed to creating a safe environment for AGM participants while onsite in Tartu. Our goal is to conduct our in-person event in accordance to the applicable health and safety guidelines provided by Estonia and the City of Tartu, and the World Health Organization (WHO).