14:30 – 17:00, Wednesday 2 November



Urban lighting in Seoul  –  context and policy


How has the urban lighting policy of Seoul evolved in the context of the fast and multifaceted urban development of this Korean capital city? Learn how Seoul has developed a medium and long term plan for lighting that takes into account both its lighting history and the current challenges it faces such as urban regeneration and light pollution.


  • Seoul urban planning policy
    Hakjin KIM, General Director of the Urban Planning Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Lighting policy in Seoul  – medium and long term plan
    Taeki KIM, Director of City Lighting Policy Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Past and present  –  the history of Seoul urban lighting
    Prof. Hoon KIM, Kangwon National University, President of the Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers
  • Korean legislation on light pollution prevention
    Prof. Jeongtai KIM, Kyung Hee University (Chairman, Korea Society of Lighting and Visual Environment)
  • Seoul Station 7017 project for urban regeneration
    Kim Kwon Ki, Director of Regeneration Planning, Seoul Station Area Development Planning Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government


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