Friday 25 September


Outdoor lighting research at Aalto University


Aalto Lighting Unit is conducting major research on LED lighting for buildings and smart cities. It is one of the organisations that has largely contributed to development of mesopic photometry, and is active in CIE JTC-1, the International Commission on Illumination technical committee, to provide guidelines for its implementation in outdoor lighting. The possibilities and benefits of LED outdoor lighting and smart control are studied from performance, cost and environmental perspectives. Visual conditions in driving are studied through simulated driving sequences and Living Lab installations. Intelligent street and pedestrian walkway lighting systems are developed for increased energy efficiency, user acceptance and traffic safety.


Liisa Halonen, Professor, Lighting Unit, Aalto University

Liisa Halonen is a professor at Aalto University. She is leading the Lighting Unit and is responsible for education courses in illuminating engineering. She has managed over 80 national and international research projects. She has also been the coordinator of several EU projects and the IEA Project “Energy Efficient Electric Lighting for Buildings”. Prof. Halonen is a member of many editorial boards and scientific committees. She has published over 280 pieces related to lighting and supervised 22 PhDs.


Liisa Halonen