Friday 25 September


From visual indeterminacy towards a pleasant environment – lighting as a fear reducing factor in parks and recreational areas


In her presentation, Tülay Schakir will introduce the project ”lights, shadows and threats” and some of its results. The objective of the study was to investigate the experiences of discomfort in parks and recreational areas. The aim was to identify the factors causing discomfort and distinguish those that could be altered by lighting, as well as look for new approaches towards lighting design.
Target areas were Alppipuisto and a section of Keskuspuisto parks, representing diverse types of areas. The study took place in Helsinki through questionnaires, interviews and lighting simulations. The results demonstrated a correlation between lighting and feeling of safety. It also showed that changes in lighting alter the perceived environment, and that experiences of discomfort can be transformed to pleasant.


Tülay Schakir, Visual Artist, Lighting Designer, Doctoral student, University of Arts, Helsinki

Tülay Schakir is a lighting designer and visual artist. Currently she is a doctoral student at the University of Arts Helsinki and her research title is “Light, Perception and Being as Art”. She has worked on diverse projects including stage design, stage lighting, architectural and environmental lighting and visual light art. She has received various awards for both lighting design and visual arts.


Tülay Schakir