9:10 – 10:20, Thursday 11 November


Transforming the city: steam to green


Glasgow has transformed from a City dependent on heavy industry to one which aspires to be one of the most sustainable cities around.


  • Introducing a world class city
    Tom Turley, Assistant Director, Development and Regeneration Services, Glasgow City Council
    Following years of investment in regeneration, Glasgow is once more a global force boasting truly world class assets. Tom will show that light has often been a signal for regeneration in the City.


  • Setting the scene – street lighting infrastructure
    George Gillespie, Assistant Director, Land and Environmental Services, Glasgow City Council
    As well as explaining the hard facts of the outdoor lighting infrastructure in Glasgow George will touch on the work that has been done to develop new city management approaches through considering data and carbon management.


  • Let there be light
    Professor Martin Hendry, Head of School, Professor of Gravitational Astrophysics and Cosmology, Glasgow University; chair of International Year of Light 2015 (Scotland)
    International Year of Light 2015 celebrates the impact of light on science, technology and culture and marks 150 years since the ground-breaking discoveries of James Clerk Maxwell. Professor Hendry will explore the role of James Clerk Maxwell’s remarkable work on the role of light, and how it underpins our modern world.