10:50 – 12:00, Thursday 11 November

Planning the economic growth of the city


The continuous, and sustainable, economic growth of Glasgow requires focus and planning. The city has unique partnerships that include businesses, academics, and the public sector to allow it to flourish.


  • Growing a green economy
    Bailie Elizabeth Cameron, Executive Member for Jobs and the Economy GCC, Ambassador for Glasgow Year of Green 2015, and Universities ambassador for Science Technology Engineering Maths and Medicine
    Glasgow aspires to be one of the world’s best cities, excelling in a select number of growth sectors. 2015 is Glasgow’s Year of Green and supporting low carbon industries is one of those sectors. Bailie Cameron will explore the role that this has in the future development of the City, and how partnerships have created new understanding so that the City can be responsive to change.


  • Light and technology and its role in the growth of the economy in Glasgow
    Simon Smith, Economic Development Manager: Business Growth, Glasgow City Council
    Innovation matters: Simon will focus on the way in which the City is seeking to specifically support the role of light and technology through innovation and business growth.


  • Getting ahead of change : City Centre Strategy
    Jane Laiolo, Group Manager, Development and Regeneration Services, Glasgow City Council
    The City Centre is a key driver in the economy of Glasgow, and of Scotland. Jane will explain the ambitious strategy and action plan that has been developed to ensure that the City Centre maintains its vibrancy and importance. Plans for the public realm, including lighting, underpin the approach.