Sophie Voinis LUCI

Sophie Voinis | Journalist / Conference Chairman

Sophie Voinis graduated on dean’s list from Emerson University in Boston, USA, in broadcast journalism. She is the recipient of the George Esper international prize, awarded to the best international student in journalism. She has been working on the American radio, WERS in Boston as a news anchor, then on French television in Toulouse where she was a live reporter, the daily news anchor and producer of the health as well as the aeronautics & space weekly shows. She is currently independent and frequently works as a Master of Ceremony for various conferences and round tables both in French and in English. She also teaches at journalism and communication schools in Toulouse.


Opening of the City under Microscope



Jean-Luc Moudenc LUCI Toulouse

Jean-Luc Moudenc | Mayor of Toulouse

Born and raised in Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc has always been passionate about municipal politics, which he entered shortly after graduation. In 1987, he became the youngest member of Toulouse City Council, where he has been sitting ever since. In the nineties, he was also elected the youngest member of the County Council and the Regional Council. In 1995, he was named Deputy Mayor in charge of Transportation and Urban Planning of the City of Toulouse, before being elected Mayor in 2004. His tenure was marked by a development of social policies for priority neighbourhoods. In 2008, he became the Leader of the municipal opposition, but he was re-elected Mayor in 2014. He has also been involved in national politics, notably as a MP (2012-2014) and since 2015 as President of France Urbaine, an organisation representing French large cities.


Emilion Esnault | City Councillor for Urban Lighting, City of Toulouse

Emilion Esnault, 33 years old, electronics engineer in a large European aerospace company, is also Mayor of the Montaudran District in Toulouse, Deputy Municipal Advisor in charge of public lighting, and Vice President of Toulouse Metropole in charge of sanitation. Since 2014, under the leadership of Jean-Luc Moudenc, he led the first lighting plan in Toulouse, including a heritage enhancement component and a modernization of the city’s lighting infrastructure. After a phase of experimentation and support of the Toulouse-based startup Kawantech by the public lighting services of the City of Toulouse, he launched in 2016 the acquisition of 485 smart lighting devices with shape detection. In three years, thanks in part to this modernisation, along with the lighting enhancements of more than 40 heritage buildings in Toulouse, the total lighting consumption of the City of Toulouse has decreased by 18%.





Mary Ann Schreurs LUCI Toulouse

Mary-Ann Schreurs | LUCI President / Vice Mayor of Innovation & Design, Culture & Sustainability, City of Eindhoven

Mary-Ann Schreurs is Vice Mayor of Innovation and Culture, Design and Sustainability of Eindhoven. She believes in design as an important engine for our economy, being just the right tool for defying big city challenges. As the first Dutch Vice Mayor of Design, she therefore introduced design in local innovation policy. Her goal is to improve citizens’ lives by using the methodology of design thinking in co-creation with citizens and other stakeholders. Before she became a council member in 1994 she was co-initiator of (European) innovation projects linked to design.



Keynote Speech:

The future of cities: what public lighting tells about innovation for local governments


Nicolas Bouzou | Essayist and Economist / Founding Director of Asterès

Nicolas Bouzou is an essayist and economist, born in France in 1976. He is the founding director of Asterès, a leading economic consultancy. He is also the creator of the Belém Circle, a think-tank that gathers together European progressive and liberal intellectuals. Nicolas is a professor of economics at the MBA Law & Management program of the University of Paris II Assas. He is the author of several best-selling books, the last one “Le travail est l’avenir de l’homme” has been published in 2017 by Les éditions de L’Observatoire. He is a regular contributor to major French economic newspapers, and can be heard or seen frequently on the radio or on television.


Nicolas Bouzou LUCI



Conference Session:

The new urbanistic, political and societal approach of Toulouse city centre


Joan Busquets LUCI

Joan Busquets | Architect and Urban Planner, BAU Barcelona

Joan Busquets is an internationally renowned architect and urban planner from Catalonia. His designs include new urban centres, reconstruction of old and neglected urban areas and the development of city infrastructure. His practice has been developed mainly in Europe – in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.
He has also worked as an adviser on international projects in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Shenzhen, Beijing, Ningbo and Singapore.


Maurice Pradal | “Toulouse Centre” Project Director, Department of Public Spaces, Toulouse Metropole

Trained as an architect, Maurice Pradal manages the City project “Toulouse Centre” since 2010. He oversees the urban planning of Toulouse downtown public spaces, with the help of urban planner Joan Busquets from Catalonia. The “Toulouse Centre” strategy is a regeneration/re-qualification project that involves every department of Toulouse Métropole, including public lighting.
From 1997 to 2009, he was Deputy Director of the Department of urban heritage of the City of Toulouse. He advised and assisted building and planning operations. He notably defined the urban future of Toulouse suburbs, and led studies on heritage in partnership with national government services.


Maurice Pradal LUCI



Keynote Speech:

Urban Lighting: genome of a connected city


Vincent Grégoire-Delory | Lecturer and Director, Higher School of Science Ethics (Catholic Institute of Toulouse)

Vincent Grégoire-Delory is a lecturer and the director of the Higher School of Science Ethics at the Catholic Institute of Toulouse (Institut Catholique de Toulouse, ICT). He oversees the Ethics Committee of the Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB) Consortium, a pre-industrial demonstrator in the field of industrial biotechnology. His work focuses on living systems and their ethical implications.



Toulouse’s lighting strategy:
at the forefront of smart urban lighting


City of Toulouse


Joël Lavergne | Public Lighting Manager, City of Toulouse

After ten years in the private sector as programmer of production automatons, Joël Lavergne joined the urban lighting department of the City of Toulouse in 2000. He oversees the municipal lighting – from design and business monitoring through to maintenance and general management. He manages a team of 68 employees, all of whom share Joel’s desire to see progress and evolution towards ever more modern and efficient lighting.

Joël Lavergne LUCI


Christophe Labro | Purchase and Energy, Public Lighting Department, City of Toulouse

A graduate of both Limoges School of Engineering and Toulouse School of Management, Christophe Labro possesses a set of truly complementary skills. Since 2010, he oversees the finances and procurement of Toulouse public lighting system, and monitors technological developments in this field. Through his position, he can appreciate firsthand the technological disruption created by LED lighting and its sustainable possibilities.


Caroline MARCILLOU | Operations and Technical Manager, Public Lighting Department, City of Toulouse

Trained as an engineer, Caroline Marcillou oversees the operations of the City of Toulouse’s street lighting since 2006, with a team of 35 employees. She manages the current maintenance of the network and its continuous development. Through her position, she is at the heart of connections issues in the public lighting network.

Marcillou LUCI


David Moras | Design and Project Management, Public Lighting Department, City of Toulouse

David Moras previously worked in industrial maintenance for several companies, including Freescale and Thomson. He is now in charge of new public works for the City of Toulouse. With eight employees, he coordinates all the 200 construction sites currently in progress in the City of Toulouse and its metropolitan area.



Lighting Designers


Lionel Bessières | Lighting Designer, Quartiers Lumières

Since graduating from Poitiers National School of Engineering as a lighting engineer 20 years ago, Lionel has always been working in lighting design. He started as an assistant to a renowned architectural lighting designer, Pierre Bideau, with whom he was involved in prestigious events, such as the illumination of the Eiffel Tower. After being the technical director of a lighting theatre & TV company in Paris, he now runs his own studio Quartiers Lumières since 2006. His approach is a multidisciplinary vision blending technical skills, smart and wise creativity around a teamwork effort. Artist for light festivals, lighting designer for urban projects and architectural illuminations, technical lighting specialist, Lionel Bessières and his team always think light around the project and its context.


LUCI CM Toulouse Speaker



Fachard LUCI

Laurent FACHARD | Lighting Designer / Founder, Les Eclairagistes Associés

Laurent Fachard has developed his expertise in lighting design for more than 40 years. He has worked with professionals from every background, from film directors to landscape architects, in a move that reflects his own transition from being an apprentice in a theatre to founding his own lighting design studio. Since 1989, his studio Les Eclairagistes Associés, has placed an emphasis on landscapes and urban spaces, with leading European projects including lighting for permanent and event installations. Laurent was the artistic director of the Fête des Lumières of Lyon from 1998 to 2002. He is a founding member of the French Association of Lighting Designers (ACE), a member of the French Association for Lighting (AFE) and a member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).


Vincent THIESSON | Lighting Designer/Founder, Agence ON

Vincent Thiesson is a lighting designer, trained as an architect at the National School of Architecture of Paris-Belleville. He founded Agence ON in 2003, and has worked on multiple projects across France and Morocco with a team of urban planners, architects, engineers and lighting designers. Since 2008, he has been giving lectures and conferences at, among others, the School of Landscape Architecture in Blois, the Higher School of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture of Geneva and the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon. Vincent is an active member of the French Association of Lighting Designers (ACE), and an associated member of LUCI.


LUCI CM Toulouse Speaker




Toulouse Urban Lighting Hands-on Demo with the public lighting team




LUCI CM Toulouse speaker

Yves LE HENAFF | General Director, Kawantech

Yves graduated from the French School of Computer Science & Advanced Techniques (EPITA) in 1996, as an engineer in networks and operating systems. He then joined Vivendi Plein Cable (NCNumericable), where he managed the technical specifications and integration of Vivendi cable technology. This led to a spin-off company dedicated to the development of cable and satellite modems: IPricot. He raised ~10M€ from 2000 to 2003 and made the company a worldwide player in the Satcom business. Entering the Machine to Machine business with a new startup in 2004, Yves developed, among other things, the Coyote road assistant, with more than 1M units produced and sold by an automotive service provider. Switching from connected cars to connected infrastructure, Yves created Kawantech at the end of 2011 to digitize street infrastructure itself, focusing on the automation of simple services.

Luc CHANSON | Head of Business Development, Kawantech

Luc Chanson is a graduate of the Institut National Polytechnique of Grenoble (Institute of Technology). He started his career in 1980, as a system engineer in the fields of microcomputers and printing equipment. After a ten-year stint in publishing, he returned to the software industry and, in 2002, founded and headed BeNomad, a French company specialized in software development tools. While developing his company, he worked as an independent Senior Consultant in the data communication industry. In 2010, he created Eco&Logic, a solution integrator and a fleet management on-line operator. One year ago, Luc joined KAWANTECH where he has been heading the business development division.



LUCI CM Toulouse Speaker

Stéphane DE BON | Regional Director, Public Sector and Local Government, Philips Lighting

Stéphane graduated from the Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics, du Bâtiment et de l’Industrie, a leading Civil Engineering higher education institution in Paris. He has discovered Public Lighting in 2001 after his studies, and joined Philips Lighting France in 2009. He is now in charge of promoting the Philips Lighting Portfolio, with his team of 11 sales engineers. From products to systems and services, light is an intelligent language for them, which connects and conveys meaning.