11:10 – 13:00, Friday 22 April


Light and art in public spaces


  • 11.10    Public art now!
    Lena From, Head of Special Projects, Public Art Agency Sweden
    Light Art and light & art is the theme of this session. How does our present-day public space look like and how is it connected to light? With a range of examples from Sweden and abroad, Lena will present different projects of public art implemented with a wide diversity of materials. From bronze to sauna, from blood to lighting.


  • 11.30    Light works!    
    Alexandra Stratimirovic, Visual Artist
    Light might be an intangible medium but yet such a powerful tool to handle and create with. Understanding space, its function, history, life, future, use and needs is essential as much as it is important to understand light sources we work with. Artistic projects for public and urban spaces require specific treatment and direction. Aleksandra will share her views on the benefits of integrating artworks and artistic approach in certain public places as well as her experience in working and realising permanent light art projects in public and urban spaces.


  • 11.50    A Light & Art discussion
    This session will enable the speakers and the audience to exchange and share experiences from cities around the world on why and how to combine light and art in urban spaces.


  • 12.30    New Light & Art co-creation project


  • 12.45    Book release: Light & Art in Public Spaces