13:30 – 17:00, Thursday 21 April


Frihamnen lighting lab


Creating attractive sustainable & seamless light environments in Frihamnen


  • 13.30    Frihamnen – a pilot project for a new district in Gothenburg
    Mia Edström, Architect and Frihamnen Project Manager, City Planning Department, City of Gothenburg and Hanna Areslätt, Frihamnen Project Manager, Älvstranden Utveckling AB
    The goal of the Frihamnen pilot project is to build a neighborhood where it should be easy to live in a sustainable way – socially, environmentally and economically. Frihamnen will be a green and dense neighborhood for living and working. The district is strategically located: its development will contribute to coherently link the sides of the river. Frihamnen should be open to the world with a strong focus on the public space – in the water, on the water and between houses.


  • 14.00    Frihamnen lighting masterplan – Seamless light
    Janica Wicklander, Lighting Designer, Architect and Landscaper, TENGBOM
    We sometimes spend much time, effort and money on building a sustainable city, to finally discover that its qualities are only met in daylight while it is dark for six months a year when citizens go to and from work, daycare and school. Lighting design should not only be used to meet the legal constraints and fulfill basic functions but should also help creating an attractive diverse pedestrian and bicycle friendly city, faithful to its spatial identity and social qualities.
    Frihamnen is of great importance as a test arena to change existing conditions for light. Restructuring the regulatory framework for lighting the city, making sure that the development of the lighting plan, the choice of equipment and its installation derive from appropriate methods and tools: this will enable us to create attractive sustainable seamless light environments.


  • 14.30    Visit of Frihamnen


  • 15.30    Lighting lab in Frihamnen
    Through visual analysis, focusing on external light as well as spatial, social and identity-building elements of Frihamnen, participants will bring their broad experience to test the proposed lighting design method in the various environments of the district. The result of this lighting lab will feed into all the future phases of the project and will add a worldwide perspective to build a strong and consistent light identity for Frihamnen.