Friday 24 April


LED-lighting technology – Issues and perspectives for cities


Leena Tähkämö, Research Scientist, Lighting Unit, Aalto University


LED technology offers various design possibilities for lighting in the urban outdoor environment, not only to improve the safety, but also to create atmosphere and experiences for the citizens. LED luminaires are able to provide lighting in an energy efficient way. In addition to the easy control of the light levels, the colour of the light can also be varied and adapted. The small size of the LED chip enables very versatile luminaire design. All these features can be developed into beneficial solutions in the urban landscape.


Leena Tähkämö received her double doctoral degree from Aalto University (Finland), and Toulouse III University (France) in 2013. Her research topic focuses on total sustainability of light sources and lighting systems, including environmental and economic analyses, as well as social impacts.


Leena TT