Thursday 23 April


Bucharest Strategy 2035 – creating a sustainable city development model


Gheorghe Patrascu, Chief Architect, City of Bucharest


Bucharest Strategic Concept 2035 is a project of the municipality that aims to become an instrument for sustainable development of Bucharest metropolis. This guiding vision for Bucharest aims for the development of the city and promotion of its brand and identity. In this respect the concept is emphasizing the coherence between necessity, history, tradition, business development, modernism and technology.


Gheorghe Patrascu graduated from the Institute of Architecture and studied urbanism at the University of Paris VI. After working as a project manager of many national and international design projects, he became a counsellor at the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Tourism. He also worked as an expert within the European Council Construction Committee, and was the Romanian representative at the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers for Spatial/Regional Planning. He was also a lecturer at the Institute of Architecture Ion Mincu and the National Institute of Administration and is an active member of several organisations in the architecture and urban planning fields in Romania.


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