Health and Wellbeing (HULAB)

Ensuring health and wellbeing of each citizen is a fundamental priority of every city

Cities have a role to play to create safe spaces that contribute to socialising in public space, and active behaviours, such as walking, cycling and outdoor sporting, but at the same time limit adverse effects of lighting on people. We must therefore closely follow research about the extent of urban lighting’s impact on people’s sleep-wake cycles. In projects and master

planning, we should find the right balance between safety and security considerations on one side and health and wellbeing – in a broad sense – on the other.

At LUCI, we advocate to us use light as a positive driver for citizen health and wellbeing.

Created in: 2018
Led by: City of London corp.

The ENLIGHTENme project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 945238.

Main objectives

Within the ENLIGHTENme project, LUCI has brought together 15 cities to constitute the Health and Urban Lighting Advisory Board (HULAB) which acts as a working group to advise on innovative and sustainable principles for connecting lighting policies with citizen health and wellbeing.

Until the end of the project in 2025, the HULAB will share cities’ needs and expertise on urban lighting aspects linked to health and wellbeing. They will advise, give feedback and recommendations to project partners’ work-in progress.

Working Group activities



  • In 2023, HULAB delivered the paper Urban Lighting for happy and healthy cities, which was integrated in the LUCI Declaration as a thematic chapter. Thanks to the work of HULAB, supporting health and wellbeing became one of the 7 goals of the LUCI Declaration.


  • In May, the 4th HULAB meeting took place about the Co-created Urban Lighting Interventions, from one of the work packages of ENLIGHTENme. The presentation was made by London School of Economics, partner of the project adding the sociologic dimension to the project.


  • In June 2023, a General Assembly was held in Bologna, bringing together the ENLIGHTENme partners.

News about Health and Wellbeing