VNISI CIE S025 Tutorial and workshop in November


The Russian Lighting Research Institute (VNISI) will be hosting a CIE tutorial and practical workshop in Moscow in 5 – 7 November 2018 on the CIE S 025 standard.

CIE S 025 is the first international measurement standard for LED lamps, LED luminaires and LED modules.

First published by the CIE in 2015, this standard provides requirements for reproducible and traceable photometric and colorimetric measurements on LED lamps, LED modules, and LED luminaires.

To facilitate proper understanding, application and use of the new Standard the CIE has developed a tutorial and practical workshop, the third of which will be held in Moscow.

The focus of the tutorial is the implementation of the international measurement standard CIE S 025:2015 in industrial test laboratories and national metrology institutes.

It is tailored for engineers, testing-laboratory staff and researchers in LED and solid state lighting measurement and other related fields.

Invited experts will present lectures from basic concepts to advanced techniques in photometric and colorimetric measurements.

The practical workshop will be held in the optics laboratories of VNISI


More information: http://www.cie.co.at/news/cie-tutorial-and-practical-workshop-cie-s-025









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