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The Light & Art Map helps you find light artworks in cities and learn about the artistic intent behind them. As a resident you will discover or re-discover your city in a new light. As a visitor, you can experience places that are often unknown and unsuspected.

For urban lighting professionals, the Light & Art Map is an opportunity for you to delve into technical aspects and understand how cities incorporate light art into their broader urban lighting strategies or cultural planning.

Light & Art Map in situ with logo

The Light & Art Map features

  • Over 125 light art works
  • 14 cities (Amsterdam, Brussels, Durham, Eindhoven, Ghent, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, London, Lyon, Mons, Montpellier, Oulu, Rotterdam, Turin)
  • 4 different languages (English, French, Italian, Finnish)
  • Search & filter by: artist name, keyword, city, type of light art (installation, projection, murals, bridge/tunnel, media façade, fountain, sculpture)
  • Georeferencing: in two clicks, the user is given directions directed towards the specific artwork
  • More information about the artwork, including (when available): detailed description, artistic intent, technical solution, energy consumption, partners involved, and more
  • Photos of the artworks

LUCI member cities can add their light art works on the Light & Art Map. Contact if you are interested!

More about the Light & Art Map

The Light & Art Map was launched during the LAiPS (Light & Art in public spaces) EU project.

Project proposal accepted in the category of: Creative Europe – Culture Action COOP1 – Smaller European Cooperation Projects

How to use the Light & Art Map