The City of Antwerp seeks to appoint a lighting designer for the Antwerp Central Station

The service to be performed concerns the preparation of a lighting design and the follow-up during implementation for the new facade lighting of the central station and its surroundings. This is a one-off order.

The city of Antwerp approved its general lighting plan in 2012, which gives a vision to provide the different parts of the city with coherent and sustainable lighting. The lighting plan, by Studiebureau Stramien / Antico, is based on 3 layers: the basic lighting in the various zones of the city, the lighting of the structural axes and the mood lighting. In that third layer are the buildings, monuments and special views that create and strengthen the atmosphere in the living environment, this is described in detail in the lighting plan.

In the context of the implementation of the Antwerp Light Plan, various (public and private) buildings and monuments are eligible to be illuminated in accordance with the lighting plan incorporated principles. In 2015, the Grote Markt project was the first major achievement. Recently, the lighting on and around the cathedral has also been adapted.

Now the city of Antwerp wishes to illuminate the central station, “the railway cathedral”, in accordance with the lighting plan.


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Deadline to submit is 28/04/2020


  • Download the presentation on Antwerp’s lighting strategy in the LUCI Members area



Image credit: Antwerp Cathedral and Grote Markt, Lighting design by Susanna Antico Lighting Design Studio, image © www.Lucidlucid.com






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