Survey reveals French public want smarter lighting

A survey by the French polling firm IFOP and lighting provider Citeos has found that the French public is generally in favour of the move towards smart lighting.


92% of French people surveyed are in favour of LED lighting and presence detection, and 79% consider the use of sensors and interactive panels in cities to be positive.

However, a majority (almost 6 out of 10 people) are wary of extensive data collection.

As to satisfaction with current public lighting, 48% of the French estimate their city to be well lit, 39% found it to be excessively lit, while 13% found that there was not enough light.

The survey results reflect a general awareness of the link between intelligent devices in the city, public services provided and energy savings. Indeed, the two most popular measures to lower public lighting costs are: the modernization of urban lighting with more energy efficient equipment (40% of the responses); and adapting the lighting to the time and affluence in the city (28%). The option to switch off street lights after a certain time at night was not so popular (12%).

The study also reveals marked disparities depending on the size of the town: 64% of people in rural communities see the collection of data on the habits of the inhabitants, particularly their movements, as a threat to individual liberties, against 47% of people in the Paris area.

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