Sunday 27th of September


9:30 Departure to Nuuksio National Park

In the middle of Helsinki metropolitan area, Nuuksio National Park offers a preserved piece of wilderness. Its lakes, rocks, swamps and valleys will provide the visitors with quiet spots of beauty.

10:30 Guided tour in the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

The best of Finland’s national treasures can be found at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, an ecologically designed exhibition and event centre on the fringes of Nuuksio National Park. Built entirely of massive wood elements, it is also an attractive destination for architecture lovers.

Two guided tour options are offered:

  • Finnish nature – tour at the main exhibition
    Haltia’s main exhibition will fascinate the visitor with its’ enthralling visualisation of the Finnish nature from our beautiful Baltic archipelagos to the windswept fells of Arctic Lapland. The guided tour will deepen the experience through opening the seven geographical and seasonal elements of the Finnish nature. Duration: 60 min.
  • Haltia – the pearl of architecture
    Haltia, designed by the Finnish architect Rainer Mahlamäki, is the first public building in Finland made entirely of massive cross-laminated timber. The architecture has been inspired by the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, and it features the renowned aspects of Finnish design, such as environmental sustainability, functionality and usage of advanced ecological solutions. Duration: 60 min.

11:30 Lunch / restaurant Haltia



AN38431-Panorama21Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, photo © Mika Huisman

13:00 Visit to the Nuuksio Reindeer Park

After lunch, you will meet your wilderness guides and start a hiking tour along well maintained trekking paths in the national park. Guides will tell you about Finnish nature and animals during the hike. The tour ends at the small reindeer camp in the middle of the forest. You will see the reindeers at close range, hear stories about them and you can feed them with reindeer moss. Coffee, tea and buns will be served in the glow of campfire in wilderness-style tepee restaurant “White Reindeer”.

14:30 Departure from Nuuksio

15:30 Arrival at the hotel