Streetlight network provides new smart app for residents of Wipperfürth


The German town of Wipperfurth has just installed LED light poles transmitting information via Bluetooth in a first step towards a smart city infrastructure.

The data from the light poles feeds into a specially developed smartphone app that residents can use to access a variety of site-specific information such as offers from retailers, information about local companies, etc.

Installed by Osram, together with the municipality and the local energy provider BEW, this is one of the first smart city projects in Wipperfürth. It is in continuation of Wipperfürth’s overall road lighting upgrade which has been implemented across several phases since 2010.

The “City Light” pillars from Siteco also have a supplementary linear RGB module that can be individually controlled with the street light control software, enabling specific coloured light scenarios to be created in the city centre.

666320 Wipperfürth


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