Smart lighting coming to Brussels

Brussels will soon have a smart public lighting system: the first connected light points will be activated on the city’s public lighting network this winter.

“Smart” light points are being deployed in the Belgian capital by the manager of the municipal public lighting network, Sibelga.

Remotely controllable, these new-generation luminaires will enable even more efficient management of public lighting.

The new system will result in energy savings, less light pollution and a safer environment due to a reduction in down time. But also a fast and precise callout in the event of failure, as the dysfunctions of these luminaires are reported almost in real time.

The new lighting technology provides information about the status of each light point at any time, making it possible to identify broken luminaires or assign precise operating or dimming times to each point.

Gradual deployment

The first connected light points of the Brussels public lighting system will be activated this winter. “In the last few years, we have already installed around 8 000 new-generation luminaires that are compatible with this new smart system. A transmitter around 8 cm in diameter is all it takes to get them up and running,” explains Bénédicte Collard, Public Lighting Manager, Sibelga.  

The deployment will therefore be carried out first and foremost on these existing luminaires: several thousands of them are scheduled to be connected by early 2021. In total, 25% of the municipal public lighting fleet will be converted by 2023.

The city has opted for an open connected lighting solution, which guarantees a high degree of independence in terms of equipment suppliers.

“We absolutely wanted to avoid being trapped by a particular solution or supplier, which would have been detrimental to us in the event of a major price increase, for example,” explains Bénédicte Collard.

This is in line with the city’s long-term vision for the evolution of its urban lighting.

Stay tuned for more details as the project moved forward.

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