Welcome to new LUCI member cities Kazan, Madrid, Pessac and Vilnius!

LUCI is delighted to welcome four new city members to the network these past few months:

Kazan, Russia

The City of Kazan (population 1 243 000) just joined the LUCI network this autumn. The fifth-largest city in Russia, and the most populous city on the Volga river, Kazan has many ambitious plans linked to its urban lighting, including a new light festival to launch next year. 

Madrid, Spain

Brand new LUCI member, the City of Madrid aims to focus on quality lighting of monuments, buildings, streets and other urban landscapes, as well as creative lighting events for special occasions. The city just successfully launched its first light festival this October!

Pessac, France

The City of Pessac in the urban area of Bordeaux in south-west France joined the LUCI network earlier this year. The municipality aims to manage its 10 000 lighting points in the most optimised manner to fight against light pollution and energy waste.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Lithuanian capital city of over 588 000 inhabitants is currently in the process of a major streetlighting modernization project, and looks forward to sharing best practices with LUCI member cities.