Hot off the press: new issue of Cities & Lighting n°9 on smart lighting

The Cities & Lighting magazine – independently produced by LUCI – addresses key topics in urban lighting today and explores exemplary and innovative projects, installations and initiatives from cities worldwide.

The latest issue of Cities & Lighting focuses on how smart lighting is paving the way to a sustainable future with:

  • A look at smart lighting initiatives around the world — from pilot projects to large-scale deployments.
  • Opinions from leading city and industry representatives on smart lighting opportunities and challenges.

This issue also features:

💡 Highlights from the cities of London, Medellin, Reykjavik and Rotterdam, among others;

💡 An interview with the new LUCI President, Meri Lumela, Chair of the City Board of Jyväskylä;

💡 A different perspective on life and light in the city from Glasgow’s City Urbanist;

💡 A look at co-creating urban lighting initiatives with partners from the Lucia – Lighting the Baltic Sea Region project;

LUCI members will be receiving their print copy of the magazine in the post soon!

Download the PDF version of Cities & Lighting n° 9 here  

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