Seoul Declaration of LUCI

Seoul Declaration of LUCI

4th November 2016

Light can change cities!


In the spirit of the LUCI Charter on Urban Lighting, signed to this day by more than 50 cities around the world; At the occasion of the major gathering of the international urban lighting community at the LUCI Annual General Meeting in Seoul, 2nd to 6thNovember 2016;

We, the cities of the LUCI network, call for:


  • Quality urban lighting to build better cities
    The growth of urban populations and the shifting dimensions of today’s nightlife in cities bring new challenges in terms of urban planning especially to deliver coherent lighting strategies. We will promote joint action for a liveable city with citizen-focused lighting. Human-centred design and a dynamic governance framework adapted by each city will enable us to develop inclusive, balanced and effective strategies for urban lighting;
  • A culture of sustainable lighting in cities worldwide
    The global challenge of climate change and the need to drastically reduce the carbon emissions of cities can be addressed with sustainable lighting policies. We will continue and increase our efforts to promote a culture of sustainable lighting strategies in cities worldwide. This includes improving energy efficiency of our public lighting and developing sustainable ecosystems of light, especially in terms of prevention of light pollution;
  • Innovation in lighting as a driver for quality of life
    Light is a formidable tool to change the quality of nightlife and the major evolution in smart technologies have and will continue to change the way cities function. We recognize that new intelligent lighting technologies have become a powerful engine to enhance the quality of people’s lives. As a key component of a Smart Society, lighting will help make cities safer, more interactive and adaptable to citizen’s needs;
  • A new step for the future of the LUCI network
    Today, we need to strengthen city-to city commitment and cooperation on urban lighting issues. In order to take a new step of development for the LUCI network, we adopt a strategic plan for the period 2017-2027. Our holistic vision for LUCI is aimed at increasing awareness among cities around the world on the changing meaning and value of light as an essential tool that makes a critical difference to our quality of life;
  • The opening of a LUCI Regional Office for Asia in Seoul
    As one of the main cornerstones for the future of the LUCI Network, we will establish a regional office for Asia in Seoul. With this first office outside Europe, we strive to balance regional development of LUCI and we wish to reflect the lighting culture and identity of Asian cities in the global conversation on urban lighting. We will arrange a management plan for the development of the LUCI Regional Office for Asia in Seoul, to detail the first steps of this Office in the first half of 2017.















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