RECYLUM and the Lyon Light Festival


From partnership to mentoring: RECYLUM and the Lyon Light Festival


Gilles Flouret, Project Manager, Fête des Lumières Lyon City-centre
Hervé Grimaud, General Director, Récylum


The environmentally-friendly approach implemented within the scope of the Lyon Light Festival is notably based on a 5 year partnership between the light festival and Récylum, an environmentally-friendly organisation in charge of recycling low-energy lamps.  Over the years, this relationship has developed with the increasing general interest in issues related to the environment.  Thus, from a partnership of opportunity and communication we now have a mentoring relationship with the objective of inventing new forms of collaboration to encourage eco-responsibility in the Lyon Light Festival – an extraordinary area of experimentation and communication on eco-responsibility.


Since 2010, Gilles Flouret has been responsible for overseeing the key events of the Lyon Light Festival, from organising competitions to selecting light installations.  He supervises the monitoring of the realisation of almost 30 light art installations in the city each year. During the festival he acts as the interface between the artistic teams and professionals. He is also the sustainable development representative for the Events Department of the City of Lyon.


An engineer with a Masters in Business Finance, Hervé Grimaud started his career in production management working for a large electrical equipment manufacturer. He then managed an SME in the aeronautics sector, before creating Récylum in 2005 at the request of industrialists seeking to collectively fulfil their obligations relating to WEEE regulations.

Hervé Grimaud


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