Light & Art in Public Spaces (LAiPS)

“Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia” project

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The “Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia” project helps municipalities in the Baltic Sea region to unlock the enormous potential of energy efficient urban lighting solutions.

We provide decision makers and experts with state-of-the-art lighting knowledge, covering aspects of environment, technology, economy, social acceptance, urban planning and green public procurement.

New lighting solutions for cities

Urban lighting plays an important role in the city design in the Baltic Sea region. In fact, 60% of the overall energy consumed in urban areas is attributed to street lighting and other urban lighting, e.g. for infrastructure.

Modern LED lighting has energy savings potential of 50% compared to conventional systems. Other functionalities, such as an automatic adjustment of luminosity, additionally raise that potential.

The project Lucia introduces such lighting solutions into urban planning, and by this helps municipalities reduce energy consumption.

Innovate through piloting

Lucia project partners install modern LED lighting in six Baltic Sea region cities to provide a tangible experience of its potential. The six Lucia pilot sites are located in: