Light & Art in Turin

Turin, a city of more than 800 000 inhabitants, is an important business and cultural centre in northern Italy. It has a service dedicated to the promotion of arts, the Visual Art, Theatre, Cinema and Music Service. Their mission is to create, promote and enhance public contemporary art, creativity and innovation, exhibitions, film making, visual arts, media, architecture and design.

Each year, Turin is host to the Luci d’Artista light festival, which turns Turin into an open-air gallery by night. It shows artworks created by famous Italian and international artists and explores the interaction between art and the urban landscape through the use of light. Some of the installations become part of the city’s permanent light art collection.

Turin’s public art heritage is formed by 280 artworks (82 contemporary art, 52 wall paintings and street art, 35 artistic lighting works) and is always growing.

The City of Turin has been actively involved in the LUCI network since 2007, including in the Light & Art Commission and the Art & Culture Pillar Working Group.

Turin’s role in LAiPS

The experience of the City of Turin Visual Art, Theatre, Cinema and Music Service and its technical partners in the field of artistic lighting will be shared with the other project partners in terms of creation and co-creation process with the artists, management, maintenance, proper locations related to city planning, quality of public spaces, citizens involvement and energy consumption.

The City looks forward to learning about different and innovative approaches and models from the other project partners. The new knowledge will enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of the activities in this field, as well as the cultural growth of artists, professionals and city officers.

A glimpse of Oulu’s light art

Photo credits
Luci d’artista © City of Turin, photos by Mauro Donato

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