Light & Art Lab took place in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Light & Art in Public Spaces (LAiPS)

Light & Art in Public Spaces (LAiPS)
cofunded europe programme

Project proposal accepted in the category of: Creative Europe – Culture Action COOP1 – Smaller European Cooperation Projects

Cities across Europe and the world are using light art as a powerful instrument to improve their public spaces and add value and quality of life to cities. From traditional creative architectural illuminations, to  illuminated statues, light art projections, or other original light art installations, whether they be permanent or semi-permanent, light art works are an important part of a city’s cultural scene, a heritage to be protected, promoted, and shared across Europe.

The increasing popularity of light art in public spaces combined with rapid evolutions in lighting technologies also means that there is a strong need to strengthen capacities for the city cultural operators, planners, artists, designers, engineers and other professionals involved in these projects.

Light & Art in Public Spaces (LAiPS) is a new EU project that aims to strengthen city capacities on permanent light art installations in public spaces. It will do this by fostering transnational cooperation among cities, exchanging best practices, and making use of innovative digital tools. Led by LUCI, this 3-year project funded by the Creative Europe programme includes the cities of LyonOulu and Turin.

The LAiPS project will:

  • Create a Light & Art Lab – a platform combining site visits and peer-to-peer discussions to experience and exchange on light art projects – in order to strengthen the operational capacities of local creative operators, including city officials, technical staff and artists.
  • Develop a new digital tool to promote knowledge and exchange on light art in the urban space.


Facts & figures

Official project start date: December 2020

Project end date: December 2023

Total budget: 333 333 €

EU contribution: 199 999 €

Special Dedication

The LAiPS project is dedicated to Alberto Lalli, from the City of Turin.

Alberto passed away in March 2021 right as the project was kicking off. He was one of the major proponents of this project from its infancy as a simple idea and worked tirelessly with LUCI and the project partners to put together the winning application. The project will live on in his memory.