PLUS goes public at the LUCI CUM Tallinn



The PLUS project was introduced to cities and lighting professionals worldwide at the LUCI City under Microscope in Tallinn (Estonia) on the 4th of February 2011.
The City under Microscope also gave a preview of what Tallinn will be presenting during its PLUS Deep Dive, with Raivo Teemets, Docent of the Tallinn University of Technology explaining the concept behind the city’s LED test street project.
This project consists of a test street with a minimum of 2 luminaires installed by each LED manufacturer. Its objective is to give manufacturers a chance to demonstrate their LED luminaires in the city streets and to prove their technical capabilities and economic feasibility. The city aims to identify the possibilities and limitations of LED street lighting and to ultimately help develop a common understanding on this issue between engineers, designers and municipalities.
Tallinn also played host to the first PLUS Expert Meeting, held on the 2nd of February 2011. This marked the start of the project’s core activities with partner cities presenting their urban lighting best practices to the rest of the consortium.


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