Nice: improving public lighting policy with European partners

Nice Côte d’Azur Urban Community, currently in the midst of preparations for its Deep Dive on the 7th and 8th of September, is also pursuing other complementary initiatives on a European level. In line with the EU 20-20-20 objective, the Urban Community is working on the implementation of two interdependent plans: a “Public Lighting Action Plan”, aiming to boost its public lighting policy, and an “Energy and Climate Plan”, which commits to a binding energy and climate policy.
These schemes are also part of the steps taken by the Urban Community to obtain the Cit’ergie energy label. A French version of the European Energy Award, Cit’ergie is a label of “good conduct” that is awarded for a period of four years as acknowledgement of cities’ efforts on quality management of energy and/or climate policy. Explains Jean-CharlesMaleysson, Project Officer Public Lighting in Nice, “These initiatives go together with the PLUS project as they all lead to the same goal: improving public lighting policy in close cooperation
with our European partners.”

For its Deep Dive, Nice plans to demonstrate the centralised management system of its urban lighting network. “We also plan to bring in a university team to conduct research on how to light better, light correctly and light with social needs in mind,” explains Jean-Michel Piecuck, PLUS Lighting Expert, Nice. PLUS partners will have the opportunity to learn more when they meet in September in Nice!

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