Lighting actors from the region come together at Lyon’s Regional Forum

All the stakeholders involved in the public lighting industry came together at Lyon’s 1st Regional Forum on the 12th of April 2011.
The objective of the Regional Forum as according to the PLUS framework is to receive input from regional stakeholders in lighting at various stages of the project cycle. This forum in Lyon, the PLUS project’s first, brought over 60 participants ranging from city lighting technicians and officials, manufacturers,service providers and lighting designers around a table to discuss their respective solutions for energy efficient urban lighting.

As he concluded the forum, Antoine Bouchet, Director of Public Lighting for the City of Lyon declared, “It was very informative to see the range of solutions regarding energy efficient urban lighting that have been developed and implemented, not only by individual cities, but also by service providers andmanufacturers.We need to understand that there is no perfect solution fit for all, but rather multiple solutions that have to be adapted to the requirements of each city”.

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