Leipzig Deep Dive: showcasing the city’s integrated approach to lighting

The City of Leipzig will welcome PLUS experts as host of the first PLUS Deep Dive of the new year from the 16th to 17th of January 2012.

Leipzig’s Deep Dive aims to cover three different aspects of lighting in the city: the planning of lighting and climate protection, the technical, ecological and financial aspects of the maintenance of public lighting, as well as assets management and control of the public lighting system.

The event will also address how these topics are integrated in the urban development process of the city in general, as explains Heike Besier, PLUS Project Manager and Deputy Leader Section Public Space Design, City of Leipzig, “The city’s best practice, the “Pilot project – Intelligent Lighting City Centre” will show the participants this integrated approach: optimizing energy use and the reduction of CO2 emissions by using new technologies combined with a more comfortable lighting atmosphere in the streets to create a better urban identity.”

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