Eusew led lighting strategies for urban spaces

LED Lighting Strategies for Urban Spaces

PLUS conference at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012

20th of June 2012

Square de Meeûs 1, Brussels

10:30 – 13:05


Energy efficiency in urban lighting is a hot political topic and an exciting challenge. But there are no quick solutions. Lighting technologies have undergone major evolutions in the last decade, offering cities new perspectives and possibilities for the development of their urban lighting strategies. And there are still major changes in the pipeline.

Today, LED lighting is at the centre of many discussions on sustainable urban lighting. However, several challenges lie ahead for municipalities: what are the implications for cities in terms of planning, procurement, and financing? How can they deal with the issue of social acceptance? Most of all, what could be the most appropriate timeline?

The PLUS project (Public Lighting Strategies for Sustainable Urban Spaces), which aims to capitalize on existing urban lighting best practices in European cities, has looked into these questions as a way to develop future lighting policies and strategies.

Through this conference we wish to bring together the knowledge on the use of LEDs in outdoor lighting along with some first conclusions already available from the PLUS project. By inviting high level dedicated speakers and experts on solid state lighting we offer a wide variety of input on LED projects and research.

Combining issues such as energy efficiency, LED technology and local policy development, this conference will be a valuable contribution to the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). The aim of the conference is to discuss and raise awareness on the challenges most cities are now facing: implementing LED lighting in their future strategies.

The target group of this LED focused event will be EU decision makers and policy makers, representatives from other European cities/regions, and of course leading LED experts and researchers.

Address:Square de Meeûs 1

Building:The House of Cities, Municipalities and Regions – EUROCITIES premises

Room: Trône 1 + 2
Download the presentations made during the conference

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