Eindhoven: unveiling the lighting vision and roadmap 2030

The City of Eindhoven revealed its future lighting vision and roadmap 2030 at its 3rd Regional Lighting Forum on the 27th of June 2012.

The forum, which brought together various internal and external lighting stakeholders, also presented the lessons learned from the PLUS project as well as the results of Eindhoven’s lighting strategy SWOT analysis from the city’s 2nd Regional Lighting Forum. “The PLUS project has stimulated the development of the vision very strongly”, stated Eindhoven City Councillor Mary-Ann Schreurs, as she gave an introduction to the outlines of the new lighting roadmap for Eindhoven.

The city’s ambitious vision outlines how public lighting of the future in Eindhoven will be flexible and multifunctional with a smart-grid to enable new possibilities in public spaces. The city aims to create an open infrastructure, develop new services, and finally, integrate lighting within the smart city.

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