Bassano del Grappa develops its lighting strategy

The City of Bassano del Grappa welcomed lighting experts to examine its lighting strategy during the PLUS Deep Dive held on the 27th and 28th of October 2011. Here is what City Councillor in charge of Sustainability and Mobility, Andrea Zonta had to say about the process:
What did you think of the PLUS Deep Dive?
It was a really important experience for our city. We had the possibility to exchange views with other municipalities at the forefront of public lighting which gave us precious advice. Compared to them, we are certainly neophytes in public lighting and it is really helpful to start our journey driven by partners with such a level of experience and competence.

How have these meetings helped Bassano del Grappa?

The valuable analysis of the PLUS external experts showed us the right path to follow in order to present the new Lighting Plan to the citizens of Bassano del Grappa. In particular, it enabled us to widen our horizons by opening up our vision of lighting to include environmental impacts, energy optimization, and the necessity of stakeholder involvement. Thus we will involve not just industries and businesses but also schools, associations, neighbourhood councils and citizens from the beginning of the planning process.
What conclusions particularly interested you?
Personally, I was very much impressed by another concept that the external experts pointed out: the opportunity offered by light to enhance and consequentially promote the many historical, artistic and environmental assets of our city. The new Lighting Plan will therefore be used to transform Bassano del Grappa to a big open-air exhibition respecting the principles of sustainable development and energy efficiency.

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