Tallinn illuminates its pedestrian crossings with a “green” lighting solution

The City of Tallinn, which has been conducting a pedestrian lighting project since 2005, currently has 272 pedestrian crossings equipped with 551 customized luminaires. However, even though existing luminaires ensure precise brightness and colour contrast without glare, at 250W, they consume a high amount of energy.

The city has therefore been testing new luminaires seeking a solution that not only adequately illuminates pedestrians but also reduces energy consumption. The city is now using a new generation of 70W LED luminaires that provide approximately the same visual and technical specifications required for illuminating pedestrian crossings as those demonstrated by prevalent 150W/250W metal halogen lamps. The substantial differences in the power consumption and the luminous fluxes are explained by the increased precision in light distribution as well as the considerably better light output ratio of LED luminaires. Boosted by this new lighting solution, the City of Tallinn plans to continue researching potential applications coupled with motion sensors.

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