New FP7 photonics call

The European Commission will launch a call for projects under its FP7 ICT Cooperation Work Programme 2013 (ICT call 11), with an overall budget of € 236.5 million, this autumn.

Under this call, objective 3.2 photonics will focus on actions fostering innovation in SSL, specifically coordination and support actions, for which a budget of € 7 million has been set aside. The call will open on the 18th of September 2012 with a closing date on the 16th of April 2013.

Municipalities might be particularly interested in the topic within this call addressing cooperation between the lighting industry and end users. Other key topics include facilitating the cooperation of actors along the value chain to promote innovative design and new business models; analysing the effects of SSL in applications related to health and well-being; and addressing issues related to scarcity of materials, use of hazardous materials, recyclability and disposability of SSL products.
For more information, go to http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/page/cooperation?callIdentifier=FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013

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