Lyon’s lighting experiments continue

Lyon’s lighting experiments continue

The City of Lyon has put in place two more experimental lighting projects that reduce energy consumption and adapt lighting operating times to the dynamics of the city:

Le square des Droits de l’enfant:

Drawing on people’s instincts to switch off their lamps when leaving a room, this project has put in place a switch that enables residents to turn on the lights of this children’s park as they enter, and turn them off as they leave. The garden’s three ball-type luminaires have been replaced by 380W LED luminaires which are illuminated at 70% when the square is not in use, with the switch at the entrance triggering the light to 100%.Another participative aspect of the project: the luminaires were decorated by local children! The objective of this initiative is to include citizens in the city’s energy saving measures by drawing their attention to the necessity of conserving energy and helping them to appropriate the space as their own.

La Passerelle St Vincent:
Lyon has replaced obsolete lighting material on this pedestrian bridge with new LEDs accompanied by presence detectors integrated into its railings. From 22h30 onwards, the lighting strength goes from 10% to 100% as soon as someone steps onto the bridge. An eye-catching way to save energy!

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