Leipzig and Los Angeles present energy-saving projects at ForumLED

The City of Leipzig presented its project, “Intelligent Lighting City Centre” at the ForumLED Europe conference on the 7th of December 2011.The project, which has increased the energy efficiency of Leipzig’s inner ring road through an intelligent use of adaptive power control systems, also plans to replace the metal halide lamps in the city centre’s historic lanterns with LEDs.

Co-organized and chaired by LUCI, this session entitled, “How to use LED in public lighting and for which results” also featured a presentation by the City of Los Angeles on its LED roadway conversion programme. This initiative, launched in 2009, aims to convert 140 000 streetlights to LED. The city also presented the lessons learned during the implementation of the programme, which has installed 54 469 LED fixtures on residential streets so far, leading to power savings of 5650 kW.

ForumLED, which is an international congress and exhibition focusing on LED innovations in Lyon, brought together key players and leading companies in the LED sector during the renowned Lyon Light Festival.

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