Jyväskylä launches new EU project “Light in the City”

A new two year European project on urban lighting, “Light in the City”, involving four cities, was launched this September under the Europe for Citizens programme aid scheme.

The project is led by the City of Jyväskylä with partners including the Swedish city of Eskilstuna, Hasselt in Belgium and the City of Tartu in Estonia. LUCI will be involved in the project as a communication associate.

The main aim of “Light in the City” is to promote energy efficiency, one of the Europe for Citizens programme’s most important goals in 2012, and boost citizens’ knowledge and debate on the European Union’s environmental legislation concerning lighting.

In order to achieve these aims, conferences on lighting will be arranged in partner cities. Guerrilla Lighting events will also be staged after the conferences, in order to challenge ordinary people to get involved in the development of urban lighting.

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