“New ways of lighting the streets at night” symposium at the 22nd IAPS Conference in Glasgow

The 22nd IAPS (International Association People and Environment Studies) Conference entitled, Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment: Implications for Research Policy and Practice, will take place at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow from the 24th to the 29th June 2012.

A symposium focusing on urban lighting entitled “New ways of lighting the streets at night: implications for practice and research” will take place on Friday 29th June 2012.

This symposium brings together five presentations that advance our understanding of the possibilities and psychological barriers of new lighting technologies:

  • Shedding a light on pedestrian attention: Anxiety and gaze patterns – Haans, A. & van Rijswijk, L.
  • Residents’ perception of outdoor LED-lighting during the winter seasonKuhn, L., Johansson, M., & Laike T.
  • Experiences from implementing energy efficient street lighting: Public safety perceptions, participation issues and the relevance of decisions by the municipality.” – Reuss, M. & Schweizer-Ries, P.
  • Brilliant nights and brilliant lights: How does lighting affect safety feelings?van Rijswijk, L., & Haans, A.
  • Psychophysical aspects of energy-efficient solid-state street lightingVitta, P. et al.

More information at: www.iaps2012.org.uk

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