New lighting for Paris Vendôme Square


The Vendôme Square in Paris, known for its majestic architecture as well as the luxurious jewellers it is home to, now sparkles with a new lighting scheme.


With this lighting renovation, the City of Paris sought to “preserve the unique character of the Vendôme district while integrating it into modernity.” The aim was to improve the nighttime lighting environment while preserving the historic lighting furniture and the original luminous atmosphere of conventional incandescent lamps. Reducing energy consumption was naturally another goal (this renovation project is part of the city’s Climate Plan) while simultaneously keeping lighting levels comfortable and consistent.


The 228 lighting points of the square (76 poles equipped with bouquets of 3 R5 style lanterns) were retrofitted with warm white (2 700 K) Optical Block LEDs that ensure better flux distribution and give the square a jewel-like glow.

The facades of the buildings on the square are lit using 52 adjustable LED projectors with a colour temperature of 3000 K, reducing the luminous halo created by street lighting and giving the stone a more natural appearance.


The Vendôme column, the square’s central landmark dating from 1810, is illuminated using 20 LED projectors. The colour temperatures are adjustable from 2 700 K (warm white) to 6 500 K (cold white) and programmable by remote, resulting in two modes of operation: “daily” static lighting of the monument in ascending light; and “event” dynamic lighting with shadow and light and variations of colour temperatures.

The new lighting scheme, by EVESA, comes with a telemanagement system that enables the city to adapt the illumination levels of each luminous point permanently or on demand (during a one-off event for example). It also allows the city to apply a gradation scenario at one or multiple lighting points.

“The new nocturnal atmosphere of the square creates a better balance between functional lighting on the ground and the facade lighting. It also stays true to the Vendôme Square’s brand image and its t  rist appeal. The whole effect is more nuanced, balanced and harmonious,” says Patrick Duguet, Head of Public Lighting in Paris.



At a glance:

  • Contracting authority: City of Paris
  • Lighting design: EVESA – City of Paris
  • Installation: EVESA
  • Equipment: Fonte de Paris, Comatelec Schréder, Lumnex
  • Implementation: November 2017


An edited version of this article originally appeared in   (Issue #7, July 2018).





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