New light show on Saint-Pierre Church for Chartres en lumière festival 2020

The new scenography of Saint-Pierre Church is the highlight of the 17th edition of Chartres en lumière festival taking place from 11 July 2020 to 3 January 2021.

 The Chartres en Lumières light festival reveals around 30 cultural and architectural sites of the city with original lighting and video scenographies every night from dusk until 1 am.

The new 4-minute sound and light show on Saint-Pierre Church, by BK Digital Art Company, is focused on highlighting the Gothic architecture of the building.

It features the evolution of the light projected by the sun and the moon on the facades of the building throughout the day, from the depths of the night at the first light of dawn.

The lighting scenography aims to showcase the architecture of Gothic-era buildings such as the Saint Pierre Church, designed at the time to bring in light. The challenge lay in the details, the different volumes and the rather small space of the stone, which offers narrow projection surfaces. The scenography plays with that to dialogue with the many stained glass windows of the building. This meticulous work highlighting the architectural details of this Gothic monument took a total of five months of work for a team of 6 or 7 people.

The French city of Chartres, known for its cathedral listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, has a long history of using light to highlight its natural and historical heritage.

More information at www.chartresenlumieres.com

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Images courtesy City of Chartres and Chartresenlumiere.com

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